Nice at dusk. Credit Getty Images via Unsplash

Nice’s charm lies not only in its elegant seafront or colorful old town, but in the people, the flavors, and the ambiance that consistently enchant visitors. It’s a city that, once visited, leaves a touch of Mediterranean sun in your heart, compelling you to return.

Located between the tranquil azure of the Mediterranean and the verdant rolling hills of Provence, Nice is a popular destination on the famous French Riviera. Treading the sun-kissed cobblestones and breathing in the fragrant blend of salty sea air and blooming bougainvillea, the allure of Nice excites the senses on every level.

Historic Architecture

As you stroll along the Promenade des Anglais, allow your gaze to wander beyond the beaches and onto the remarkable buildings that line this iconic walkway. From the palatial Negresco Hotel, with its distinct pink dome and a collection of art that spans five centuries, to the art-deco designs of Palais de la Méditerranée, the architecture here is as stunning as the natural scenery. These buildings stand as a testament to Nice’s storied past, once the winter retreat of Europe’s elite, and they add a layer of grandeur that contrasts beautifully with the relaxed atmosphere of the promenade.

Indulge in Local Cuisine at Seaside Cafés

When you’ve built up an appetite from your leisurely stroll or energetic rollerblade, the Promenade des Anglais offers a plethora of dining options. Opt for a table at one of the charming seaside cafés and bistros that line the promenade. Here, you can indulge in Niçoise specialties like Salade Niçoise, Socca (a chickpea flour pancake), or a fresh seafood platter, all while enjoying the gentle sea breeze and gazing out at the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Ten restaurants to consider (Please note that the information provided is based on real-time data AS OF August 2023 and may be subject to change- please check as we all know restaurants come and go)

  1. Taverna Vernazza: This Italian restaurant offers a menu with a variety of options. It has a rating of 173 on Tripadvisor.
  2. La Cucina Nice: With a rating of 1,223 on Tripadvisor, this restaurant serves a range of dishes and is currently open.
  3. L’Alchimie Restaurant: This restaurant has received positive reviews and is worth considering for your dining experience in Nice.
  4. Le Millesime: This restaurant is known for its culinary offerings, but further details are not available in the provided information.
  5. Le Canon: TimeOut has listed this restaurant as one of the best in Nice for 2023. It offers a unique dining experience.
  6. Jan: Another top restaurant according to TimeOut, Jan is known for its exceptional cuisine.
  7. La Merenda: This restaurant is highly recommended by locals and is located at 4, rue Raoul Bosio, 06300 Nice.
  8. La Pêche à la Vigne: TimeOut suggests this restaurant as one of the best places to dine in Nice.
  9. Le Bistrot d’Antoine: Known for its gourmet food at affordable prices, this restaurant requires advance booking.
  10. Maïdo: This restaurant offers a variety of dishes and is worth considering for your dining experience in Nice.

Explore the Vibrant Street Art and Sculptures

As a city that celebrates art in all its forms, Nice ensures that the Promenade des Anglais is not only a feast for the nature lover’s eyes but also for art enthusiasts. Scattered along the promenade are various sculptures and street art installations, including the famous ‘La Chaise de SAB’, a monumental blue chair sculpture that has become an emblem of Nice. These pieces add a modern, creative flair to the promenade and make for excellent photo opportunities.

Unwind at the Jardin Albert 1er

Tucked away near the eastern end of the Promenade des Anglais is the Jardin Albert 1er, a verdant oasis amidst the bustling city. This garden is a perfect spot to take a break from the sun and unwind. Wander through its shaded paths, admire the vibrant flowers and meticulously groomed landscapes, and perhaps catch a live music performance at the Théâtre de Verdure, an open-air theatre nestled within the garden.

Discover the Rich History at Museums Nearby

Just a stone’s throw from the Promenade des Anglais, you will find several museums that offer a deep dive into the rich history and culture of Nice. Consider a visit to Musée Masséna, housed in a majestic Belle Époque building. The museum narrates the history of Nice through a fascinating collection of art and artifacts. For art lovers, the nearby Marc Chagall National Museum is an unmissable stop, housing the largest public collection of works by the artist.

Join in the City’s Celebrations

The Promenade des Anglais is not only a daily haven for locals and tourists but also plays host to various city events and celebrations. From the vibrant Nice Carnival, one of the world’s largest, which parades along the promenade in February, to the Bastille Day fireworks in July, the Promenade is a central stage for many of the city’s most beloved events.

Whether you are a solo traveler looking for inspiration, a couple seeking romance, or a family on holiday, the Promenade des Anglais in Nice offers a delightful and enriching experience, capturing the essence of the French Riviera in every step.

Delving into Nice: The Colorful Old Town (Vieux Nice)

Venture off the promenade and into Nice’s vibrant Old Town, a labyrinth of narrow winding alleys brimming with traditional markets, inviting cafés, and souvenir shops.

Encounter the Bounty of Cours Saleya Market

The heart of the Old Town beats strongest at the Cours Saleya market, where locals and tourists alike gather to revel in a cornucopia of fresh produce, fragrant flowers, and artisanal products. Here, allow the lure of sun-ripened tomatoes, aromatic herbs, and freshly-baked pain au chocolat to guide you.

Dive into Nice’s Palatable Past

Immerse yourself in Nice’s rich gastronomic history by sampling local delicacies such as the iconic Salade Niçoise or Socca, a delicious chickpea pancake. To truly appreciate these authentic flavors, head to Chez Pipo, a family-run establishment dating back to 1923.

Beyond Nice: Explore the Diverse Provençal Landscape

The beauty of Nice extends beyond its city limits, with the diverse Provençal landscape beckoning to be explored.

Uncover the Hilltop Villages of Provence

Take a day trip to visit the surrounding hilltop villages like Eze and Saint-Paul de Vence. Marvel at the well-preserved medieval architecture, indulge in local artisanal crafts, and savor breathtaking views over the Mediterranean.

The Call of the Vineyards

No visit to this region is complete without a foray into the Provençal vineyards. Embark on a wine tour, where you can relish the elegant rosés and robust reds the region is famed for while basking in the serene vineyard scenery.