The mystic of Martinique
The mystic of Martinique

Martinique, an overseas region of France located in the Caribbean, invites the sophisticated international traveler to experience a vibrant blend of French and Caribbean cultures. With its rich history, diverse environment, unique architecture, and abundant opportunities for relaxation and adventure, Martinique is a prime destination for discerning travelers. This article explores what makes Martinique a compelling choice for such travelers.

Historical Significance

Colonial Legacy

Martinique’s history is deeply intertwined with its status as a former French colony. Fort-de-France, the capital, boasts well-preserved colonial architecture and significant sites such as Fort Saint Louis.

Slavery and Post-Emancipation Era

The island’s painful history of slavery and its abolition in 1848 is commemorated in various sites, including La Savane des Esclaves, which provides deep insights into this period. Read more.

Cultural Fabric

Creole Influence

While Martinique is politically French, its heart beats to a Creole rhythm. Creole, a blend of French, African, and Amerindian influences, is manifested in the island’s language, music, dance, and festivals.

Literary Legacy

Martinique has produced renowned figures in the literary world, such as Aimé Césaire, and is an ideal location for lovers of literature and poetry.

Environmental Stewardship

Preserving Biodiversity

Martinique is home to a unique Caribbean biodiversity. The Regional Natural Park of Martinique covers two-thirds of the island’s surface, sheltering an array of flora and fauna. Read More about Martinique’s unique Environment.


Délice de Dénébola launched the first initiative to bring together the actors of nautical ecotourism in Martinique in 2020.
Martinique aims to change its image by promoting its natural assets such as the coastline, rainforest, rivers, waterfalls, and more, in an ecotourism approach.

There are efforts to travel eco-responsibly in Martinique, recognizing the need to protect and promote the unique characteristics of the island.

The ecotourism initiatives in Martinique are meant to stimulate the imagination and encourage the involvement of local populations in offering integrated tourism services in their living environment.
The French West Indies, including Martinique, have been implementing new policies for sustainable tourism and ecotourism, moving away from mass tourism resorts. Read more about Martinique’s Ecotourism Initiatives.

Political Landscape

Status and Governance

As an overseas department of France, Martinique enjoys a high degree of political autonomy. A brief review of the island’s governance structure reveals the dual influence of France and local political traditions.

Architectural Heritage

Saint-Pierre: The Paris of the Caribbean

Once known as the Paris of the Caribbean, Saint-Pierre offers an architectural walk through history, from ruins preserved after the 1902 volcanic eruption to restored colonial-era buildings.

Modernist Creations

From the Schoelcher Library to the Cathedral of Saint Louis, Fort-de-France showcases examples of fascinating architectural designs.

Serene Retreats

Wellness Resorts

For travelers seeking serenity, Martinique’s wellness resorts offer a blend of French sophistication and Caribbean tranquility.


From the black sands of Anse Ceron to the golden stretch of Les Salines, Martinique’s beaches offer a secluded and pristine backdrop for relaxation.

Culinary Adventures

French-Caribbean Fusion

In Martinique, dining is an experience. From traditional Creole dishes to upscale French-Caribbean fusion cuisine, the island caters to every palate. Read our in-depth article about the wonderful food available in Martinique

Rum Distilleries

Rum is not just a drink in Martinique—it is a part of its heritage. Discover the island’s distilleries and their commitment to crafting world-renowned rums. Read our article all about Martinique Rum!

Active Exploration

Walking and Hiking

From the trails of Mount Pelée to coastal paths, Martinique offers extensive hiking and walking opportunities for visitors to intimately explore the island.

Diving and Marine Adventures

With its healthy coral reefs and historic wrecks, Martinique is a diver’s paradise. The island’s clear waters also invite snorkeling, sailing, and kayaking.

Other Adventure Sports

From canyoning in the island’s lush forests to kite surfing along its windy Atlantic coast, Martinique offers a range of activities for thrill-seekers.


Martinique, with its rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty, invites the sophisticated traveler to immerse themselves in an island that is both distinctly Caribbean and unmistakably French. It is a place where the past and present coalesce, offering a deeply rewarding and enriching travel experience.