Fine choice of restaurants and eateries throughout Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a gastronome’s paradise. With its French culinary roots intertwined with Creole, African, and Indian influences, meals are a delight. Be sure to savor local specialties like Colombo de poulet (chicken curry) and fresh seafood dishes.

A Fusion of Flavors: Creole Cuisine

Creole cuisine is the heart and soul of Guadeloupe’s food scene. With its blend of African, Amerindian, European, and Asian influences, Creole dishes are a vibrant mix of flavors and textures. Staples such as rice and beans are commonly accompanied by spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, producing dishes that are as rich in flavor as they are in history. From Court-bouillon de poisson (a spicy fish stew) to Bokit (a kind of fried sandwich), these dishes offer a savory exploration of Guadeloupe’s multicultural heritage.

Seafood Extravaganza

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Guadeloupe is a haven for seafood lovers. Fresh catches of the day—including mahi-mahi, grouper, conch, and spiny lobster—are often grilled to perfection and served with zesty Creole sauces. For an authentic taste, seek out the beachside shacks where locals gather for communal weekend seafood feasts.

A Sweet Tooth’s Paradise

Guadeloupe’s tropical climate yields an abundance of fresh fruits that play a starring role in the island’s desserts. Indulge in treats like Tourment d’Amour (a tart made with coconut, banana, or guava), or savor the natural sweetness of fresh pineapple, mango, and papaya. For a truly authentic experience, don’t miss Sorbet Coco, a delectable coconut sorbet often sold by beach vendors.

Spice Route: The Role of Indian Influences

The Indian community in Guadeloupe, descendants of indentured laborers brought to the island in the 19th century, has left a profound imprint on the island’s cuisine. This is especially evident in the popular Colombo spice blend—a mix of coriander, cumin, mustard seeds, fenugreek, and turmeric—that is the backbone of the island’s beloved Colombo de poulet (chicken curry).

French Elegance in the Tropics

French culinary traditions are alive and well in Guadeloupe. Visitors will find a range of dining options, from casual bistros serving perfect croissants and espresso to high-end restaurants offering gourmet experiences complete with fine wines and expertly crafted pâtés and terrines. The French influence is also evident in the island’s bakeries, where baguettes and pastries are baked to perfection daily.

Market Wanderings

To get closer to the heart of Guadeloupean cuisine, a visit to a local market is essential. Explore bustling markets such as the Saint-Antoine Market in Pointe-à-Pitre, where you can find everything from just-caught fish to vibrant tropical fruits and local spices. Interact with friendly vendors, sample exotic fruits you’ve never encountered before, and consider buying some local rum or spice blends to bring a taste of Guadeloupe home with you.

Culinary Workshops and Tours

For those who want to delve deeper into the island’s food culture, consider taking part in a culinary workshop or tour. Local chefs and experts offer cooking classes where you can learn to prepare traditional dishes, while various tours provide the opportunity to visit rum distilleries, coffee plantations, and organic farms.

Eleven restaurants and eateries to consider in Guadeloupe (August 2023)

  1. Le Touloulou Le Restaurant: This restaurant offers a diverse menu with a focus on local Guadeloupean cuisine. It is known for its fresh seafood dishes and vibrant flavors.
  2. Le Zawag: Located in a picturesque setting, Le Zawag offers a unique dining experience with a fusion of French and Creole cuisine. The restaurant is known for its elegant ambiance and delicious dishes.
  3. Manman’dlo the Siren: This charming eatery specializes in traditional Guadeloupean dishes, prepared with love and care. It is a great place to try local delicacies and immerse yourself in the island’s culinary culture.
  4. Chez Henri: Known for its warm hospitality and authentic Guadeloupean flavors, Chez Henri is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. The menu features a variety of dishes, including grilled meats and fresh seafood.
  5. Couleurs du Monde: This restaurant offers a global culinary experience, with a menu that showcases flavors from around the world. It is a great option for those looking for a diverse dining experience.
  6. La Porte des Indes: If you’re craving Indian cuisine, La Porte des Indes is the place to go. This restaurant combines traditional Indian flavors with local ingredients, creating a unique fusion of tastes.
  7. Le Gran Bleu: Situated by the sea, Le Gran Bleu offers stunning views along with delicious seafood dishes. It is a perfect spot to enjoy a romantic dinner or a leisurely lunch with a view.
  8. Le Mabouya: This restaurant is known for its creative and innovative dishes, blending traditional Guadeloupean ingredients with modern culinary techniques. It is a great choice for food enthusiasts looking for a unique dining experience.
  9. La Savane: Located in a beautiful setting, La Savane offers a menu inspired by French and Creole cuisine. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create flavorful dishes.
  10. MAHINA:  A beachfront restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood and grilled meats. It offers a relaxed atmosphere and stunning views of the ocean, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists.
  11. Ti Kaz’ La Restaurant: With a terrace with a magnificent view of the bay, the restaurant Ti Kaz la is located only 150 meters away from the pier and will offer you a unique setting where you will have lunch with your feet in the water. A sea to table menu is waiting for you!

Please note that the availability and operating hours of these restaurants may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check their websites or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.


From the sizzle of freshly caught fish on a beachside grill to the aromatic blend of spices in a traditional Colombo de poulet, Guadeloupe’s culinary landscape is a delightful and diverse exploration for the senses. Whether indulging in the elegant simplicity of French pastries, savoring the bold and vibrant flavors of Creole stews, or tasting the unique fruits and spices at a lively local market, food in Guadeloupe is not merely sustenance—it is an essential part of the island’s culture and a delightful journey for any food lover.