The Stunning Beauty of Guadeloupe National Park

In 1989, the lush landscapes of Basse-Terre Island became the backdrop for Guadeloupe National Park, marking it as the first French national park in the overseas territories. Created with a mission to preserve the...

Relax in Guadeloupe: Healing Mind and Body

If you're looking for a relaxing vacation then Guadeloupe’s countless white and black sand beaches are the perfect place for you. Many believe these beaches have healing powers thanks to the gentle sound of...

Guadeloupe in Focus: A Destination for the Culturally Curious Traveler

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is a captivating French overseas region that beckons sophisticated travelers seeking a unique blend of vibrant culture, fascinating history, and stunning natural scenery. Guadeloupe is located in...

Get your Adrenaline Pumping in Activity Rich Guadeloupe

Whether it is the sweeping vistas from mountain trails, the serene underwater worlds of vibrant coral reefs, or the thrill of riding wind and waves in a kite surfing or windsurfing adventure, Guadeloupe is...

The Unique Flora and Fauna of Basse-Terre Island

The island of Basse-Terre, located in the Guadeloupe archipelago in the Caribbean, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and the location of the Guadeloupe National Park. The lush rainforests of Basse-Terre, which cover a...
Carneval time Guadalupe

A Dive into the Colorful Guadeloupe’s Carnaval Celebrations

Guadeloupe’s culture is a captivating blend of French and Creole influences. Guadeloupe's Carnaval celebrations and it's festivities, such as Carnaval and Fête des Cuisinières, showcase the island's rich cultural tapestry through music, dance, and...

Delicious Guadeloupe: A Guide to the Island’s Best Eateries

Guadeloupe is a gastronome’s paradise. With its French culinary roots intertwined with Creole, African, and Indian influences, meals are a delight. Be sure to savor local specialties like Colombo de poulet (chicken curry) and...
Island Town in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe’s Rich Tapestry: An History for the Modern Traveler

The Rich and Turbulent Tapestry of Guadeloupe: From Arawak Roots to Contemporary Reflections Arawak Origins and Carib Arrival Long before European explorers set foot on its shores, Guadeloupe was inhabited by the Arawak people, known for...
Martinique Rum

Rum: The Spirit of Martinique

A Distinctive Production Method In Martinique, rum is not just an alcoholic beverage; it is a part of the island’s heritage and identity. What sets Martinican rum apart from others is the method of production....

A Taste of Paradise: Exploring Martinique’s Unique Cuisine

Martinique is a mesmerizing blend of French and Creole culture, which is vividly reflected in its cuisine. From traditional French delicacies to vibrant street food, the island’s gastronomy is a tantalizing treat for every...

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